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What You'll Learn In This E-Book Summary 

How the world really works

Learn foundational knowledge on how the world really functions. This free guide covers world history, world progress, philosophy, morality, economics, politics, and logical thinking

How to make better personal decisions

In parallel with learning about the world, we cover personal finances, personality, emotionality, etiquette, achieving excellence, intimate relationships, and more.

Knowledge to fast-track your career

Whether you're working for yourself or an employer; knowledge on leadership, marketing, entrepreneurship, negotiation, and business management will fast-track your career.

How these topics were chosen

We first selected 24 essential knowledge areas, then carefully selected the best-in-class books, from globally acclaimed authors, that were available in print, audio, and eBook formats.

Created by Mark Walmsley

I’m a Gen X father of two adult kids, living in Canberra, Australia. After living in the UK and USA for several yearswith my family and working as a military test pilot, I learned our education systems are not teaching the wisdom and knowledge our children need to thrive in this world. This is my attempt to right that wrong

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